Fujian Meiyi Foods Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of freeze-dried massive health products. The total investment is 120 million RMB which is located in Sui’an Industrial Zone of Zhangpu County, Zhangzhou City Fujian Province.
  Our company is a garden- like factory that covers an area of 25,080sqm with plant area around 22,000sqm. We are equipped with the most advanced vacuum freeze drying machine. The company strives to become a global producer and supplier of massive healthy food industry by cooperating with colleges and building an internationlized personnel,equipment,technology innovation and management team.We play great emphasis on food safety and make sure every stage of production from planting, producing to quality testing is compliant with international standards. Meanwhile,we actively develop new freeze dried snack foods to cater to everchanging market demands both home and abroad. Our factory was constructed strictly based on GMP standards with SC and Export Hygiene Certification,  BRC、HACCP and organic certification are also obtained and fully implemented.
  Our company has won many honors such as national high-tech enterprise, provincial science and technology enterprise, provincial science and technology small giant leading enterprise, municipal leading enterprise, etc.; our company cooperates with many national scientific research units such as beverage Research Institute of China Tropical Agricultural Science Research Institute, national mycorrhizal Engineering Technology Research Center, etc.; our company is the demonstration site of food safety creation .


Main products:


Complementary snack series products​

Freeze dried cheese (stick, block, flower shaped, bean), freeze-dried probiotic yogurt dissolved beans, freeze-dried probiotic fruit and vegetable beans, freeze-dried probiotic yogurt blocks (stick, flower shaped), freeze-dried instant noodles, freeze-dried DHA beans, freeze-dried soup, freeze-dried probiotic solid drinks, etc;


Big Health Leisure Series Products

Leisure products: freeze-dried cheese cubes, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, freeze-dried diced fruits, freeze-dried probiotic yogurt cubes, freeze-dried bird's nest Broth of white fungus soup, etc


Instant Foods series:

FD Cheese (Cube,Floret,bean), FD Probiotics Yogurt Melts, FD Prebiotics Fruit&Veg. Beans, FD Probiotics Yogurt Cube, FD Noodles, FD DHA beans, FD Probiotic Cereal Melt etc. FD Tremella soup, FD Fruits, FD Yogurt Powder, FD Fruit&Veg. Powder etc.


Solid beverage series: 

FD Yogurt Powder, FD Fruit&Veg. Powder, FD Milk Tea, FD Juice Cubes etc.


Enterprise objective: Natural&Nutritious, Safe&Healthy, Quality Upmost, Customer First.




Dear friends from all walks of society:

since its establishment in 2015, Meiyi Food has always led all employees of the company with the corporate values of "integrity, science, professionalism, and innovation". As a professional manufacturer of freeze-dried food, Meiyi Food focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of freeze-dried health snacks and freeze-dried snacks. With standardized production, strict comprehensive quality inspection, and superior innovation, Meiyi Food has developed steadily and rapidly. Nowadays, Meiyi Food has multiple vacuum freeze-drying production lines and has achieved win-win cooperation with more than 1000 domestic and foreign partners. The company adheres to compliant and stable development, and is showing a professional, scientific, confident, and upward development trend.

Meiyi Food has always adhered to the belief that "quality is the vitality of enterprise growth, and innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprise development". It has always adhered to standardized production processes, continuously introduced high-end talents, optimized production processes, and implemented rigorous and scientific quality control standards. All employees of the company are committed to providing high-quality products to consumers and better serving them with quality. In terms of product innovation and development, the company invests a large amount of research and development funds and equipment every year, and the new products developed and launched are loved by a large number of consumers. We will continue to explore and innovate with a grateful heart, bringing more healthy and delicious food to everyone, and making Meiyi Food more deeply rooted in people's hearts.


Looking back on the past, passion is surging, looking forward to the future, and motivation is doubling. Standing on the journey of the new era, we will never forget our original intention, strive to improve our quality, strengthen our company with dedication, serve our partners with dedication, and steadily move forward. We will continue to achieve new development in the new era environment, and achieve future development with firm beliefs and steady wisdom. We firmly believe that with the unremitting efforts of all employees in the company, all aspects of the company's business will take it to the next level


 Business philosophy

Company tenet: Safety and health, innovative nutrition, quality first, customer first.
The management philosophy is based on innovative science and technology and modern enterprise systems, and the basic principles of doing things are based on the spirit of quality, innovation, and enterprising spirit.


The enterprise values

honesty, respect, profession, innovation.


The concept of employment 

Employees are the most valuable resource. We value and respect the individual needs of each employee. We’d like to invest in staff, and make them grow all-roundly. 
The company just reward each one to win the trust of employees, and employees will be very proud of themselves and love their job since they are one of the menbers.



High end quality is the foundation of a company's survival and development. We provide high-quality products and services according to the needs of different customers. We constantly seek to improve and enhance our products and services to meet the constantly changing needs of our customers.
Customer First - Our goal is to serve every customer to the best of our ability and exceed their satisfaction. The needs of our customers drive us forward. We value developing a win-win relationship with our customers, which is the key to our success.



To provide healthy, nutritious, and safe food for the world.



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