This is a "brainstorm" of thinking about development. From large enterprises such as Shandong Zhenwei and Henan Miss You, to industry chain related enterprises such as Yihe Agriculture and Fangda Agriculture, many upstream and downstream entrepreneurs of the freeze-dried food industry chain gather in Zhangzhou Analyze the market demand together and discuss the development trend of the industry together. This was a refreshing "Spiritual Calcium Supplement". The experts and guests shared industry opportunities and challenges, crisis response strategies, brand creative design, etc., which will be of great benefit to the future development of the company.
From October 10th to 12th, 2020, Fujian Meiyi Foods participated in the 20th Shanghai CBME Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition. This year's booth broke through the previous pattern, more spacious and more eye-catching! The various series of products on display are still loved by many visitors, and the on-site negotiation atmosphere is very lively! The new product launched this year-freeze-dried cheese has been widely praised and appreciated. Fujian Meiyi Food welcomes your cooperation!
From September 28th to September 30th, 2020, Fujian Meiyi Food Co., Ltd. participated in the 21st China International Food and Beverage Exhibition ("SIAL China" "Chinese Food Exhibition"). The exhibition site was full of popularity and the products on display Attracting many exhibitors, happy on-site negotiation! Bless Jianmeiyi Foods is getting more and more brilliant!
During the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival, Fujian Meiyi Food Co., Ltd. will hold the annual Mid-Autumn Festival pie event. The company employees laughed and laughed, and the atmosphere was very lively. There were so many prizes, everyone returned with satisfaction. I wish Jianmei a prosperous day!
Fujian Meiyi Foods participated in the 10th New Retail Micro-commerce E-commerce Exhibition---Shanghai Freeze Drying Industry Exhibition, which will be held from June 27th to 29th, 2020. The exhibition attracted many customers to taste and negotiate. The products on display included freeze-dried cheese cubes, sticks, flower-shaped, soluble bean-shaped, freeze-dried yogurt soluble beans, fruit and vegetable beans, instant noodles, white fungus soup, and diced fruit. , Tablets, powder and so on.
On January 18, 2020, Fujian Meiyi Foods held a 2019 year-end summary meeting. Each department launched a detailed report on the work of the department throughout the year, and put forward plans and suggestions for the new year. The general manager Mr. Chen Yunhai made a summary, opinions and hopes on the work reports of various departments. The atmosphere at the scene is serious and serious. In the new year, Fujian Meiyi Foods will make persistent efforts and take it to the next level!
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