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Talents are the most precious resource and the greatest wealth of an enterprise, and the establishment of long-term talent strategy is the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of an enterprise.MEI takes talent training and development as the top priority, attaches great importance to humanistic care and talent training, and takes "people-oriented" as the concept of talent development.


Focus on the development of the domain

Guided by the concept of "people-oriented", the company now cooperates with a number of universities to pursue international standardization in talent, equipment, technological innovation, new product research and development, and management


A broad stage for development

The company carries out flexible promotion mechanism, "the mediocre under, the ordinary let, the able" in the implementation of talent development.At the same time, the company gives priority to the internal competition and recruitment system for posts, and the office management personnel focus on internal training. The management backbone of the business team is also trained step by step from the grass-roots business personnel to give full play to the role of employees.


Lots of training opportunities

The company attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents and provides various training opportunities.The company has gradually improved the internal training system, regular job skills training, also through the introduction of professional consulting companies to the company to carry out internal training, and provide opportunities for employees to go out to participate in professional training courses.


Professional title:


Educational background:

Number of people to be recruited:

Time of issue:

  • R & D Engineer

    R & D department

    No limit



    Job description: 1. Participate in the implementation of new product development, development work and development plan; 2. Complete the technical document preparation according to the R & D plan, record all kinds of work elements in time, and prepare complete product documents; 3. The production department of Huitong product shall complete the trial production and deal with the problems in the trial production; 4. Summarize product R & D experience, continue product improvement, and complete product finalization work according to reasonable requirements of customers or relevant departments of the company; 5. Assist quality control and sales department to solve technical problems of customers; 6. Master the knowledge of the characteristics and quality standards related to the food industry.


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